Computer Programmer Diploma Program

School of Advanced Technology

Computers Programmers – They are Everywhere!

Computers and mobile devices are now involved in every aspect of our personal and work lives. Computer systems, programs and applications are developed by computer programmers. If you love to solve problems and convert ideas into realities, then computer programming may be an excellent career.


Computer Programmer is a 2-year/4 semester Diploma program that prepares graduates for a wide range of challenging careers in an industry known for progressive workplaces, competitive salaries and global employment opportunities.

Students use the latest software, programming languages and operationg systems to develop and practice their skills in applications programming, systems design and integration, object-oriented analysis and design, database administration, and code development, testing and de-bugging. In their last semester, students explore emerging technologies as they participate in real-world team projects.

As a student at AC-Kuwait, you bring your own device (such as a tablet or laptop) to class, you “learn by doing”, and you have 24/7 access to your learning resources through our leading-edge technologies. You also have opportunities to get involved in extra-curricular activities such as clubs and school teams. When you graduate, you will have the communication skills, confidence and independent learning abilities that employers are looking for.

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