English & Academic Foundations Program


Build a Strong Foundation for Academic and Career!

Learn the Fundamentals skills you need to

  • qualify for admission to one of AC-Kuwait’s diploma programs.
  • be successful as a college-level student and function effectively in English language academic and workplace environments.


English & Academic Foundations Program is a three-level, modular program that is specially-designed to prepare students for admission into AC-Kuwait’s diploma programs and to provide them with the fundamental English language, communication, mathematical, information technology and academic skills they need to be successful at the diploma level. The Program offers distinct English language modules in Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking, and Grammar.

Learning activities in classrooms and labs focus on active participation and critical thinking in academic and workplace contexts. Small class sizes promote active interaction among classmates and with instructors. Integrated learning projects help students meet personal goals and apply their skills to real-life situations.

As a student at AC-Kuwait, you bring your own device (such as a tablet or laptop) to class, you “learn by doing”, and you have 24/7 access tp your learning resources through our leading-edge technologies. You also have opportunities to get involved in extra-curricular activities such as clubs and school teams. When you graduate, you will have the communication skills, confidence and independent learning abilities you need to be successful.

Contact us: For more information about our programs or admissions process, please visit our campus or call  220 60 220